Former Metro Police narcotics detective Bryan Yant has received a week’s suspension without pay for last year’s controversial shooting of an unarmed man. The “Review-Journal” says it was the harshest penalty short of being fired. But the parents of Trevon Cole say the penalty wasn’t enough. Cole was shot and killed during a drug raid last June. An internal probe found Yant violated several department policies. Yant has been reassigned to a desk job.

Comments (3)
  1. mg says:

    Violate “several” policies, kill an unarmed man, and get a week off without pay. Big deal! In my book, when your reckless behavior results in the death of another human being that’s manslaughter. Fire him and charge him with a crime.

  2. RIchard S. Brown says:

    Yant should be fired, arrested, prosecuted for first degree murder and summarily EXECUTED.

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