As the 2011 Legislature prepares to convene, even getting out of the starting block is a matter of contention.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval says his two-year $5.8 billion general fund spending plan is a 6 percent reduction from current funding levels. Democratic lawmakers put the gap closer to 30 percent when compared with the 2009 budget approved by lawmakers and spending requests submitted by agencies to meet caseload demands and higher costs.

The budget battles will be front and center when the opening gavel falls Monday, and the 120-day clock begins ticking.

Lawmakers also will deal with the sticky business of redrawing voting districts, and some observers say meeting the constitutional deadline to adjourn is an iffy bet.

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Comments (2)
  1. Yeager says:

    Brian Sandoval is a joke, a 30 percent spending cut because he’s not fiscally responsible enough to do the right thing and raise taxes on the super rich, who happen to have all of the money, by the way.

    So let’s see what happens when people realize it is THEIR spending which gets cut. Of course, right now he is just going to punish people who are currently at or below poverty level, Republicans always figure those folks don’t vote anyway.

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