City Council Approves Liquor Distillers

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distillary City Council Approves Liquor Distillers

As follow-up to a story we told you about last week, a new code has been approved that will allow local business’ to make liquor in the city of Las Vegas. 

The city council approved the change in our liquor manufacturing code, in a rather lighthearted vote involving outgoing Mayor Oscar Goodman.  When told the distillery will make vodka and scotch, but not the mayor’s beloved gin for his martinis, Goodman replied, quote, “Forget about you.”  He then called for a vote. 

Six of the seven council members voted in favor of the new code, but the mayor initially voted against it.  He quickly changed his vote to a yes amid laughs from the audience.

That kind of chicanery will be a tough act to follow!

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