billywalters1 60 Minutes Sits Down With Local Man

60 Minutes is calling Las Vegas gambler and businessman Billy Walters, the most feared sports gambler in history.

According to 8 News Now, 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan and her crew spent many hours with Walters, focused on his philanthropic work with Opportunity Village, but mostly looked at his gambling.

The news program spoke to several sportsbook managers who claim that he single-handedly moves the betting line when he makes his picks and that in a typical weekend, he might put down $2 million in bets.

After decades of trying to get Walters on the program, the Las Vegas local finally sat down with the news program and broke his silence, wanting the country to know that gambling is more honest than what is commonly done on Wallstreet.

What got him to break his silence? It was a recent piece by 60 Minutes on the addiction to slot machines. He says it was one of the most unfair pieces of journalism he’s ever seen. He is hoping the country will see gambling in a new light when his report hits the air on Sunday night.



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