i15 Nevada Motorist's Big Complaint

Traffic congestion, accidents, and road work are fairly common obstacles in our average, daily commute. When asked, however, drivers cite an even bigger problem here in the valley.  Can you name it?

In an average lifetime, Americans spend six months sitting in traffic. Although the time spent at the DMV is minisclue by comparison, its one of the bigger complaints of drivers, especially here in Nevada.

Whats the solution? More Kiosks!

Kiosks have been installed at DMV offices, which can be used for a select number of transactions.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, there were 217,843 transactions conducted on these kiosks in the last six months of 2010 and it was more than officials had expected. The department is now considering expanding the type of business that can be conducted, to include driver’s license renewal and duplicate identification card requests.

There are seven of these units at DMV offices in Southern Nevada, as well as five at AAA offices in Clark County. If the department has its way, you may soon see these same machines in public libraries.

  1. Thomas says:

    Better yet, why can’t we have at least ONE of the DMV locations open 24 hours? This is a 24/7 town. Workers on all shifts would be able to take care of things as needed.

  2. Not Surprised says:

    About time, how about shopping malls as well?

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