gas pump 3851 Gas Prices Still Going Up

Gas prices continue to pass the three-dollar a gallon mark in Nevada. Triple A says the average price per gallon is three-dollars 12-cents, up five cents from last month.

It’s also 27 cents a gallon more than what drivers were paying in January 2010. In Las Vegas, the average is now three-dollars and eight-cents, up a nickel from December. Reno’s average is three-dollars 22-cents a gallon, up four cents. Triple A spokesman Michael Geeser says increased global demand and higher

crude oil prices are keeping gas prices high. Geeser says the current average price is the highest for a January since 2008, the year gas reached a record high of four-dollars and 28-cents a gallon. He says the fact gas prices are starting the year above three-dollars is “troubling.”

  1. Not Surprised says:

    And they will continue to go up as long as this president is in office. so prep yourself for another two years.

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