129 0314 The Calm Morning Before CES Begins

Crews are anxiously putting the finishing touches on exhibits while counting down the clock to the biggest technology convention in the nation.

I joined the CES Security teams, clean up crews and exhibitor building teams early this morning. It’s the calm before the storm. In just a few hours the Consumer Electronics Show will open it’s doors and it will no longer look like a peaceful museum of new technology. The halls will be flooded with experts in their fields showcasing the latest and greatest.

Several things have become very clear to me as I entered the halls this morning. It’s all about 3D. 3D televisions, 3D games and even 3D satellite dishes. The biggest names in technology will be here this morning to prove that their company has the biggest, best and least expensive 3D experiences.

Another thing I have noticed is the combining of several different types of technology products. Computers in your new touch screen car rearview mirror are here, along with the biggest computer trend at the the moment, the tablet computer. Each company is fighting for the chance to take down the might Apple iPad. Can they do it? I am anxious to find out.

I will be updating KXNT.com throughout the morning as I come across mind blowing products. You can also follow my adventures on Twitter @ShinyOtaku.


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