Apple: Going To Fix The Glitch

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iphone 385x250 Apple: Going To Fix The Glitch

Apple says it’s going to fix a problem that caused many iPhone users to start the new year by oversleeping.

The problem: a glitch in the alarm clock feature of the smartphone. Apple says people who set their iPhone alarm for a single wake-up ring rather than for recurring use found the alarm didn’t sound on New Year’s Day. Spokeswoman Natalie Harrison promises all iPhone alarms will work starting today. The problem affects those iPhones set up to run the iOS 4.0 operating system. That OS can be installed on earlier versions of the iPhone, as well as on the current model, the iPhone 4. It’s unclear how many iPhone users were affected by the problem. Back in November, some iPhones and iPod Touches had trouble recognizing the end of daylight saving time.

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