ipad 3852 Is A Verizon Compatible IPad On The Way?

A hot rumor is making the rounds that Apple will have a Verizon-Compatible iPad for sale in the new year. 

Wired.com cites Apple’s overseas partners as the source of the leaks indicating the second-generation tablet will support multiple wireless configurations.  One will support UMTS used by most cell providers including AT&T and T-Mobile.  Another will support CDMA which is used by Verizon and Sprint.  There will also reportedly be a Wi-Fi only version. 

The rumor is both good news and bad news for iPad users.  The current first generation tablet can operate through AT&T using a MicroSIM card or through Verizon using an external adapter.  The iPad 2 might require a user to choose between carriers.  The iPad 2 is widely expected to go on sale in April.

  1. Aric says:

    I could be mistaken, but hasn’t Verizon been running an iPad commercial since Thanksgiving?

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