mcdonalds 385 McDonalds Has Been Hacked!

A number of McDonald’s customers may need a “Happy Meal” as soon as they find out some of their personal information has been exposed by hackers.

The fast-food giant say hackers had gained access to a database that contained personal information such as birth dates and e-mail addresses of customers. McDonald’s customers voluntarily sign up for the fast-food chain’s websites and promotions. The company says the security breach did not include any Social Security numbers, credit card accounts or other sensitive financial data. McDonald’s says the hacking is being investigated.

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    I am very sorry to hear that!!! This is the reason why I have to be very careful with my personal information. I have been hacked before and this is a very serious matter. I have been through this experiece and its not very nice. I am trying to have a personal life . Its that the individuals who hacked me are still on the run and taking advantage of me and others.

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