credit cards 385 WikiLeaks Supporters Attack Visa And Mastercard

Imagine being a shopper this time of year who finds they have no access to their Visa or MasterCard.

Just imagine what it must be like for the companies that run those popular credit cards not being able to access their Web sites for much of the day. That’s what happened yesterday when the sites for Visa and MasterCard were inaccessible. The likely culprit: attacks by WikiLeaks supporters who were angered that the credit card companies had stopped processing donations to the organization. Both MasterCard and Visa said that cardholders’ accounts were not at risk and that people could continue using their credit cards throughout the day. Supporters of the WikiLeaks, which has released thousands of classified government documents in recent weeks, said they would attack companies and groups hostile to the site and its founder.

  1. Disgusted! says:

    One of the many reasons I hate hackers.

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