red rock canyon sign 385 Warrant To Be Issued For Suspect In Vandalism

An arrest warrant will be issued for a teenager accused of spray painting prehistoric artwork at Red Rock Canyon. 

Metro Police Detective Scott Black has not identified the 17-year-old, known only as “Pee Wee.”  Black says the teen will be charged as a juvenile under state law.  Police say the suspect is a member of a tagging crew known as NHC, which has several meanings, including “Nasty Habits Crew.”  Black says more arrests could be made.  The vandalism was discovered by hikers at the popular recreation area west of Las Vegas.  Metro is working with the Bureau of Land Management on the case, and two conservation groups have offered a reward.  The BLM says restoring the ancient drawings could cost up to ten-thousand dollars.

  1. Wimp.. says:

    Juvenile my a**. He knew what he was doing and needs to have it taken out of his hide. It’s like an animal pi**ing on their territory.

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