Microsoft Adds Optional Security To New Browser

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microsoft logo 385 Microsoft Adds Optional Security To New Browser

The newest version of Microsoft’s popular Internet Explorer browser will offer a new security feature. 

The company says Internet Explorer 9 will include “tracking protection” that will give a users the ability to stop sites from gathering information on them.  The company says the technology is based on something that’s already included in the current version of Internet Explorer 8 that allows certain sites to be blocked.  The move is an effort to stop elements included on some Web pages that can automatically track Internet pages being viewed and build a profile of a user over time. 

Last week, the FTC suggested a “do not track” option be included in Web browsers to limit advertisers’ ability to collect consumer data online.  It’s not a move appreciated by advertisers.  Microsoft says its new feature will do exactly what the FTC has suggested by allowing users the option of blocking content from certain advertisers within a Web page.  Microsoft says it’s a sort of an online”do not call” list.  IE9 is expected to be released sometime next year.

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