google chrome logo 385 Google Computers Powered By Chrome System

Google has fired a new salvo as it seeks to grab a larger slice of the computer market that’s in the tight grip of Microsoft and Apple. 

 The search engine giant has announced it will start selling its first round of computers powered by the company’s Chrome system by the middle of next year.  During a news conference to announce its latest moves,  Google officials said the notebook computers will be equipped with free Verizon Wireless connections for two years.  The company says its Chrome computers will help promote Web-centric computing.  Consumers would use online applications rather than downloading software. 

In support of that, Google has also now launched a Web store that will sell about 500 games, news and other software applications.  National  Public Radio and “The New York Times” are just two of the many news applications that will be available.  Google officials said their Chrome Internet browser now has 120-million users, a 300-percent growth from last January.


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