aspirin 385 Study Shows Aspirin Reducing Cancer Risks

New research shows a daily intake of low doses of aspirin can cut the risk of many kinds of cancer. 

Peter Rothwell at Oxford University in England says while taking aspirin regularly comes with a small risk of stomach bleeding, that risk is outweighed by the benefits of reducing the risks of cancer and heart attack.  In a study involving more than 25-thousand patients, researchers discovered cancer deaths among those who took low doses of aspirin were 21 percent lower during the studies — and 34 percent lower after five years. 

Aspirin acted as a guard against gastrointestinal cancers the most, according to the study.  Researchers found rates of death from those cancers about 54 percent lower after five years among people who regularly took aspirin, compared to those who did not take aspirin.  The study appears in the British medical journal “The Lancet.”

To learn more KXNT Morning News spoke to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, CBS News Medical Correspondent.


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