google 385 Google Is Cracking Down On Copyrighted Material

Google says it will start doing a better job of making sure people don’t post copyrighted material on its services.

The Internet’s search leader says if it hears about pirated material placed on YouTube or any of its services, it will respond within 24 hours. Google isn’t saying how long it takes to address such complaints now. However, many copyright holders have complained in the past that Google takes too long to remove videos or other content that gets posted illegally.

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  1. Jim Blevins says:

    A web site I discovered with Google search uses my copyright book and places his name as “by” indicating that he is the author. There is only a comment section just like this one and no personal info is to be found. My attorney sent a notice but I thought you may want to try and get the pwner to remove my material before we took further legal action, which might include Google.
    Jim Blevins, author

  2. Jenny says:

    Hey, Amanda! I love Air Supply, especially their Jim Steinman song Making Love Out Of Nothing At All. And my DH and I rcltneey bought an ELO greatest hits. I sort of liked them back in the day, but now I realize I have plenty of memories associated with their music. Boston and Foreigner are two of my faves (along with Misty’s pick REO Speedwagon ooh, and Supertramp!) How nice that you have such great memories paired up with your songs!

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