rangal 385 U.S. House May Censure Charles Rangel

The U.S. House may move today to censure New York Democrat Charles Rangel. 

It would be the first censure of a member of the House in nearly 30-years.  The ethics committee recommended censure after Rangel was found to have violated House rules on taxes, fundraising and misuse of rent-controlled apartments.  Short of expulsion, censure is the most serious punishment that can be imposed by the House.

To learn more, KXNT Morning News spoke to CBS News Political Consultant Dotty Lynch.

  1. sonny Guizzetti says:

    If a censure is not doled out to Mr. Rangel, then you may as well let anyone do what they want to do regardless of legal or illegal. At 80 yrs. old, why doesn’t he pick up a golf club or enjoy the grandchildren?

  2. Whatever.... says:

    He is such a low-life and it amazes me how he is getting a slap on the wrist. If it were you or me, well you know what would happen.

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