cyber monday1385 Bosses Beware! Employees Shop While At Work!

Today will likely be a busy day for Internet usage at work, but not all of it will be job-related. 

That’s because it’s Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving and a day when many retailers offer on-line bargains to would-be shoppers.  According to an annual survey by, 29-percent of workers say they have holiday shopped online at work, and 27-percent of those planning to shop online this year expect to spend one hour or more doing so.  More than one-in-ten workers said they will spend two hours or more shopping online from work.  Workers, though, should beware:  Nearly half of all companies surveyed said they monitor Internet and e-mail use by employees.

  1. Elijah Gray says:

    Any news about A defector’s strange disappearance?

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