oracle 385 Settlement Awarded In Copyright Infringement Case

A jury has awarded Oracle Corporation one-point-three-billion dollars in damages in a software theft case against European software maker SAP.

The decision in Oakland, California on Tuesday could be the largest-ever for copyright infringement. SAP, the top software maker in Europe, expressed its disappointment in the verdict and indicated an appeal is an option it’ll consider. The German company admitted from the beginning that its TomorrowNow subsidiary had wrongfully downloaded millions of Oracle’s files. That meant the issue before the jury was how much Oracle was owed in damages. SAP said no more than 40-million dollars, while Oracle said at least one-point-65-billion.

  1. Nina says:

    Part 2 was somehow rvomeed Daniele: Ah, the queen of one-liners. I’m convinced even in old age she’ll never admit her ‘big move’ was a bad one, one made too early, no matter who (including her father) tells her as such. One too many arrogant/annoying/hypocritical comments kept me from liking her more, but I will always respect her competitive gameplay. The most bitter of the bunch will continue pinning that label on others. Gotta love how many times she says she wouldnt’ve gone against Jeff and Jordan, but also made comments about how everyone was ready to write them a paycheck and too scared to go after them. So, Dani, who were you going after then with Brendon gone? Say any name besides ‘Rachel’ and you’re blowing smoke. Jeff was clearly on your radar, too bad he ‘got you got’ before you could get him got.Which of course brings us to…Jeff: The only one I flat out ‘wanted to win’ amongst a few who I ‘wouldn’t mind winning’. I wonder sometimes if it makes me as sick as it does him about the whole clown shoe incident, because I felt he was playing the best overall game and deserved it, moreso than Season 11. I maintain that Veto though shouldn’t have been a must win, his alliance had the numbers, but we all saw what happened there (Shelly’s self-admitted fatal error). Seems like a guy I would like to hang out with, and someone I related to, as someone who’s read the wrong way and seen as ‘angry’ when not understood, and someone in a long distance relationship who’s rapport people like to scoff at because they don’t understand. Glad he won America’s Favourite, don’t care if it was twice. It’s a far stretch from the $500,000 he deserved.Shelly: One minute she ‘doesn’t regret her move’ and the next it’s her ‘fatal error of the season’. Sounds like she even lies to herself. (or as many pointed out, believes her own lies). She proved that it’s possible to make a move too early in the game, even with only two weeks left in it. Couldn’t win a competition to save her life, her logic in her ‘big game move’ was so completely flawed that it boggles the mind.Kalia: I could write a novel on everything I disliked about her. Realized as the season dwindled down that I’ve officially never disliked a Big Brother contestant more. These posts are long enough, I won’t even begin, I’ll just mention a glaring one. Strong competitors (as she liked to call herself) don’t give up on competitions. It’s not just the number you win (because two is just so damn high, including zero must-wins) it’s about the competitive will. We saw her give up more than once, including in her own HoH in the Veto comp that Jeff won. “I was tired, so I took a break”. Sincerely glad she wasn’t the one on The Talk today instead of Rachel. I think I would’ve thrown a rock at my TV.

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