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Mitch McConnell Switches Sides

mitch mcconnell 385 Mitch McConnell Switches Sides

Members of the new Senate go behind closed doors today to pick their leaders for the 112th Congress. 

Nevada Democrat Harry Reid is expected to remain Senate Majority Leader while Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell should easily retain the post of Senate Minority Leader.  Democrats are expected to reaffirm the other top three members of their leadership team:  Whip Dick Durbin from Illinois, Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer from New York and Conference Secretary Patty Murray from Washington State.  In addition to McConnell, Republicans are expected to reelect Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona, Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander from Tennessee and Policy Committee Chairman John Thune of South Dakota.

To learn more KXNT Morning News spoke to CBS Correspondent Dotty Lynch.

  • Anthony Gregrow

    Where is the side switching?

  • Anthony Gregrow

    The headline says Side Switching, where is it?

  • Dan

    McConnell has joined Jim DeMint in proclaiming a ban on earmarks, a practice he previously defended. That is the switch.

  • Daniel King

    Kirsten Flowers wrote the title. She is just another brainwashed tool of the international marxist bankers who’ve started all of our wars by creating events prior to them to precipitate our entry into these wars. This includes the 911 twin tower scam. Our country is in the process of being overthrown by these people, and if you don’t already know they reside in our own Federal Reserve Bank system. Their goal is to silence opposition by total enslavement, and slaughter. Don’t believe it? They’ve already slaughtered and enslaved millions in Russia, China, Veitnam, Cambodia etc… Why don’t you hear anything about it? Because they own all the major media, and control everything they want you to know, or not know. There is such a thing as Satan! WAKE UP!!!

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