decision points 385 KXNT Morning News: Inside Bush's New Book

Former President George W. Bush has ended a long silence about his years in office. 

In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Bush said he regrets the failure to capture Osama bin Laden, saying he was “deeply disappointed.  He added, quote, “We would have moved heaven and Earth to get him.”  Bush conducted the interview to coincide with the release of his new book, “Decision Points.”  Recounting the events of 9-11, he said he thought the first plane crash into the World Trade Center in New York could have been an accident, but the second was an attack and the third plane, which crashed into the Pentagon, was an act of war.

Bush voluntarily talked about waterboarding three al-Qaeda suspects at Guantanamo, saying his legal team told him such tactics were legal.  Regarding Hurricane Katrina, the former President said he made a mistake by simply flying over New Orleans in Air Force One.  He added he should have landed in Baton Rouge, met with the Louisiana governor and promised whatever federal help necessary.  On the economic crisis and the recession at the end of his second term, Bush said he fully endorsed the Troubled Asset Relief Program to pull the economy back from the brink.  He added the crisis had been ten years in the making.  Bush concluded, quote, “Wall Street got drunk and we got the hangover.”

To learn more KXNT Morning News spoke to a reporter from KRLD in Dallas, Texas.


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