whitehouse 3851 How Is Washington Reacting To The Elections?

Following the wins by Republicans in Tuesday’s midterm elections, President Obama called for bipartisan civility and said one party will not dictate the direction of the nation. 

At a White House news conference, Obama acknowledged growing voter frustration over the pace of economic recovery for the election outcome.  

KXNT Morning News spoke to CBS News Washington Correspondent Bob Fuss to learn more.

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    A Transition for America!!!

    This is my personal opinion about the importance of making a transition in America. First, let’s look at this for a moment. What is the definition of the word transition? The answer to this definition is a change from one state, form, action, or activity to another. The transition that I am talking about here is in politics. Why is there a transition in politics at the moment? This is because of the GOP Dominance during the Midterm Elections in each of the 50 US States. The GOP victories came from the assistance from the Tea Party, Liberty Central, the Republicans; who possess a Pledge to America, and other interest groups that have an agenda that is totally different than the rest of the population.

    Next, a political transition is not very easy for those who voted and are dissatisfied with their results. There are times that I wonder why I bother voting in the first place. I understand that it is very important for me to vote and exercise my first amendment rights. Right now, the political transition that I am talking about right now is going to adversely affect millions that rely on assistance from the government during their times of need.

    Further, the GOP right now only has control of the House and only a portion of the Senate at the moment. This means that there is going to be more gridlock inside of Congressional walls; due to debates and amendments that will be debated for a long period of time. For example, the President’s healthcare plan will not pass and get signed into law because of political debates that come from Republicans who have other plans on how to spend money that is allocated for the needs of Americans. However, at this time, it appears that the GOP and other interest groups purpose is to go back to Reaganomics. This is hardcore conservative legislation since the 1980s that had a devastating affect on Americans who were depended on community resources.

    Moreover, those individuals who earn more than $50,000 per year would benefit from the GOP Pledge to America. I am speaking about a conservative movement that is more than likely to ruin the economy by increasing taxes and reduce spending on monies that is allocated for those who rely on public services. I guess at this time, the budget for this year is about to run out by the end of this year. The end of the fiscal year is near. A fiscal year is every 6 months. This has a lot to do with laws and funds that have been approved by Congress to spend on the needs of the country.

    Finally, this is an end to the Democrats trying to make an effort on turning the country around. I say this because in 2008, the Republicans had control of the House and Senate during that time, and Americans were fed up with politics and they wanted a complete change. At that time, President Bush resided in the Whitehouse and everyone became disappointed about the way our Congressional Leaders were conducting things as far as making sure the country was headed in the right direction. The voters had voted for a change during that time, and right now in 2010, a change had taken place again.

    This means that our public works projects will be placed on hold for a little while longer. I guess our public school systems in the United States will not receive money for improvements in sports facilities, school books, uniforms for sports athletes, and an increase in salaries for school teachers. Also, our property taxes will increase due to the rising costs for improvements in our cities infrastructures by reducing the costs to repair bridges and streets. This also means that there will be a dramatic reduction in community resources for those who need them. For example, services that are tailored to assists those whose incomes fall along the poverty level will be reduced.

    This also means that much of the emphasis right now will be on trying to restore harmony inside of congressional walls. This means more private meetings with Congressional leaders who are still trying to possess agendas that totally differ with the rest of the country. This also means that voter turnouts in certain communities will also decrease in 2012. At least this time around voter turnout was lower in communities that do not have an interest in politics. What direction is the country headed right now? Americans right now are waiting for change. This change has come and gone right now. This has a lot to do with the Midterm Elections. When it comes to politics, it is about listening to the American People and addressing their needs. It time to take action right now.

    Right now, there are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 60% of the members that are elected right now are Republicans. There are 100 senators in the US Senate and only 45% are Republicans. This means that there are more debates and political gridlock inside of Congressional walls. This means that the President will have to rely on a bipartisanship that will not be very easy at the beginning of 2011. Bipartisanship is very important. I guess bipartisanship is like a consensus effort in other countries. Let’s try having a consensus inside of our Congressional walls instead of debates that would prolong very important legislation.


    Anthony Joseph Hopkins

  2. Eddie... says:

    It is amazing to me how Obama can spout off about one party not dictating the direction of the nation when that is exactly what he has done for almost two years. Maybe he is a might concerned because we now have the House. Great flip-flop!

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