immigration rally 385 The Effect Of The Hispanic Voters

What is the effect of the Hispanic vote? For Nevada, it’s more important than you may realize.

KXNT Morning News spoke to CBS News Reporter August Skamenka to learn more.

  1. nena says:

    We wouldnt be talking abou this if our federal government would enforce the existing immigration laws. They need to come into this country legally like my parents!!!

  2. Margie says:

    It is unclear to me why intelligent, law abiding legal immigrant citizens would want to vote Democratic. The went through the legal immigration process and were sworn in as citizens of the United States of America. It was a process they went through according to our laws so why would they allow others to just come in and take over the Hispanic population by something they have not earned? If they vote Democratic, all the criminals, and dope dealers will be allowed free passage and our American Dream will be lost totally. Do they not realize the Democrats are using them and actually disrespecting them.
    The Democrats do not care about them as a people but see them as votes to succeed in their Socialist agenda and that is all. The Democrats are playing mind games on them and I know, as American Citizens they should realize this.

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