anglebehar Behar Vs. Angle: Round Two

Angle sends Behar flowers – Joy responds, well, much like Tuesday!

More on the story:

  1. You Know Jack says:

    Behar, another worthless American oxygen thief. Do you ever notice how all these movie and talk show people want to put down conservatives and say we should have all these liberal programs? These people are all RICH; the people who will be paying for these socialists programs are you and me. The hard working, American middle class. A little increase in taxes probably won’t hurt behar, she gets her Starr bucks and bear claws free. A little increase in taxes for you and I and we have to decide what we can continue to enjoy and what we will have to give up.

    If there was ever a BITCH is behar. Tell that C*&^ to come to Nevada and I will be more than willing to bitch her out and kick her ass. She provides no service or worth to anyone but her self. I’d like to see her out on the streets and pushing a shopping cart.

  2. Brian says:

    The thing about Behar and all the elites is they spit on the working person while thinking and talking like thdy support them. If they were so concerned with the people who pick up their trash, drive the cabs and buses, keep the electricity water and gas going to their houses plus the thousands of other jobs, they would be trying to get the people (government) off their backs to make their lives easier. NOT adding another little tax on everything we have to buy just to live!!!

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