lee3851 Did Yankee Fans Harass Lee's Wife?

As he prepares to start Game 1 of the World Series, Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee is reacting to reports of New York Yankee fans harrassing his wife during the American League Championship Series. During the ALCS, Kristen Lee says she was treated rudely by the spectators at Yankee Stadium and that fans cursed, threw beer and spit from the area above her as she sat in the visiting families section of the venue. Mrs. Lee told “USA Today” that it was hard not to take the situation personally.

During a media availability ahead of the World Series this week, Cliff Lee downplayed the incident, saying it was only a handful of drunken people who were acting inappropriately. He added it was impossible to control each of the 50,000 fans at the game. Lee, who will become a free agent after the World Series, also said the incident will not affect his decision about whether to sign with the Yankees in the offseason. New York is expected to make a big push to sign the 32-year-old lefty.

  1. You Know Jack says:

    There are two groups in this country that do nothing but waste oxygen. Yankee fans and Raider fans.

  2. Anthony Hopkins says:

    Good Luck Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really think Game 1 will be a good pitching dual between Cliff Lee and Liscum for the Giants. Whoever win the very first game tends to have homefield advantage in the series. The Yankee fans I hope did not engage in any of that behavior. At least I hope not.

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