peace Joe's Journal October 22nd

Maybe now more than ever.

During mass in a Catholic Church there’s a time when parishoners are asked to turn to those around them, shake hands and say “Peace be with you.”   This is something that happens in many church’s, a moment when the Methodists would say they’re extending the “right hand of fellowship.”  Recently at mass , during this moment “peace” , I shook the hand of a couple and a young girl, but when I extended my hand to the next person, it was met with a cold, almost frightened look.

Unemployment in Las Vegas is now at 15-percent in the city, an all time high. Thousands of people are hurting in our valley, and it will “take a village” if we’re all going to survive.  If we can’t give money or time or help someone, maybe we can at least extend those simple , civil signals that acknowledge each other as people.

We don’t know who sitting next to us or across from us, but instead of assuming they may be dangerous or threatening or want something. Maybe we should just assume they’re people like us, and maybe they need something.  When momements present themselves for a “random act of kindness” , even one as simple as the sign of peace, maybe we should take advantage of it.

“Peace be with you !”


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