favre3851 Favre To Meet With NFL Front Office

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is scheduled to meet with NFL officials this week as part of the investigation into his alleged harrassment of a female New York Jets employee. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Favre will be questioned about allegations he sent a lewd text message to a female employee of the New York Jets when he was with that organization in 2008. The NFL has some strict rules that govern player conduct and a breach can bring fines or even suspensions. Goodell said tomorrow’s meeting is just to find out the facts. He said “Once we determine those facts, then we’ll determine what the next step is from there, if any.” Goodell isn’t planning to attend the meeting.

  1. Kathleen Schatz says:

    This whole alligation has become outragagous now. For 2 years this girl,women whoever she is saves a photo on her cell phone then decides to make alligations exact same week the vikings are having a bye and then facing this womens team she works for decides to open her mouth. It is so easy to lay your cell down and anyone could pick it up shoot photo’s and send them to numbers with out the person even knowing.JEN IF THESE ALLIGATIONS ARE SO TRUE AND IT HURT YOU WHY THE HELL WAIT TWO YEARS TO BRING IT UP, I SAY JUST FORGET THIS FAVRE NOW IS IN HIS LAST YEAR OF PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, HAS MADE RECORDS NO OTHER QB HAS EVER MADE AND NOW THIS. WILL ALWAYS BE A FAVRE FAN HE IS HUMAN TO AND EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES,

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