chili mining Inside Chile Mining Rescue

 The ordeal for 33 trapped miners in Chile could soon be over.

Rescuers Monday successfully tested a capsule to hoist the trapped miners to freedom, meaning the rescue effort could begin soon.  Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said the specially designed bullet-shaped cage was lowered almost the entire length of the escape shaft without a hitch.  If all goes as planned, the evacuations would begin sometime Tuesday and take about 48 hours to hoist the men up from the caved-in mine half a mile underground.  The miners have been trapped since the August 5th collapse of the gold and copper mine, in a two-month ordeal that has captured the world’s attention.

To learn more about the rescue efforts the KXNT Morning News spoke to CBS News Correspondent Fernando Suarez.

  1. Eddie says:

    Hope all goes well and they get out safely.

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