reid angle Joe's Journal October 7th

Ten percent say “none of the above.”

A new CNN/Time/Opinion Research Corporation Poll indicates 10-percent of likely voters won’t vote for
Sharron Angle or Harry Reid.  The new poll does show among likely voters Angle leading Reid 42 percent to 40 percent.  Among registered voters the Democratic incumbent leads his Republican challenger 43 to 32 percent. The CNN poll shows Sharron Angle with a ten point lerad among independents, a 14 point advantage among men and a five point lead with voters 65 and older.  Harry Reid is running strongest in Clark County and his hometown of Searchlight.

Voters have had few opportunities to see and hear the candidates side by side, the pair shunning debates for an “air war”  of attack ads on radio and television. The two are to meet in a face-to-face debate next week. It will be broadcast live on KXNT.  The debates may not make much difference with public opinion.  Our latest instant poll asked “Have you made up your mind yet who you’re voting for ?

88-percent responded , Yes, I know who I want and I will vote early.

5-percent responded, I am waiting for the debates for more information.

6-percent responded, I will make my decision on election day.

It would seem most people have made up their minds, the question is just how many will vote.


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