paris hilton 385 Paris Hilton Given a Sweetheart Deal?

A new advertisement accuses incumbent Clark County D.A. David Roger of letting Paris off easy in exchange for campaign contributions.

Do you believe attorney David Chesnoff’s donation influenced the District Attorney?

  1. Zed says:

    It if FACTUAL that Paris Hilton’s sentence, for a first time offender, was quite a bit harsher than an average joe would have received. She will spend a full year in CCDC if she has ANY run in with the law with the exception of simple traffic offenses. This commercial is fraudulent at best. Its simple smear politics. David Roger has done a great job.
    I would not vote for the “other guy” simply because of his tactics.

  2. Yep! says:

    If not, maybe he was star-struck. Needs to grow up.

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