vegas Joe's Journal October 4th

“The Gray Lady”  paints a dismal picture of our town.

The New York Times says “Las Vegas Faces It’s Deepest Slide Since The 1940’s”.  That was the headline on the piece that greeted  me in Sunday’s  New York Times  The story received prime play, on Page One, above the fold. The story went on to rehash the facts we’ve heard here too many times already, the almost 15-percent unemployment and nation leading number of home foreclosures.

The Times story certainly isn’t investigative reporting. Since moving here to work at KXNT two months ago, I’ve met folks in Las Vegas who have lost their homes, their jobs and in some cases any real hope. But if you look a little closer, dig a little there’s a big story the Times doesn’t report.  The spirit and determination and hard work of many to keep going and keep this city alive.

There’s the security guard at my complex who rides two buses to work and back home, who loves his job. There’s the laundry owner who rarely uses his air conditioning even on the hottest days, and is keeping his business open more hours to be available to customers.  The weather has turned and Habitat for Humanity volunteers are once again building houses, the folks who will occupy those homes are working alongside the voluteers, putting their “sweat equity” into the project.  Thousands of people are going to churchs, temples and synagogues demonstrating their faith and something mightier than the dollar.

Despite the grim statistics the Times quotes Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman as saying he’s “very bullish about our future.”   I’m not an economist but  after a very brief thundershower Sunday afternoon, I spotted a rainbow over the Strip. Who knows, maybe some is trying to send us a big sign of a brighter future.


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