eric scott 385 KXNT Morning News: Inside Scott Inquest

Why has the Eric Scott inquest generated so much interest?

KXNT Morning News spoke to KSNV Channel 3 Reporter Matt Kozar to learn more.

  1. Sorry! says:

    Yes, Scott served his country and for that we Americans should be thankful. But so far testimony indicates that something was going on with him that day. Costco and the police department do have the responsibility to protect the public shopping there, if it is justified.

  2. officer x says:

    as a police officer in Vegas I applaud him for his service but that does not exclude him from making poor decesions which ultimately ended in his death. I pray for the families of those affected both of the person shot and the shooters and can’t wait until all the details are known as I have talked to those who were there and had he complied with police commands he would still be alive and more then likely went home without any further police intervention. I have a feeling though even if this comes out justified and the discovery of some sort of narcotics or steroids in his system that people will still find it unjustified.

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