angle reid Reid, Angle to "Debate"

Harry Reid and Sharron Angle will discuss the issues this week.

The two candidates will “debate” September 23 at Faith Lutheran High School in Las Vegas.

Angle will be there in person and Harry Reid will have already answered the questions in a pre-taped Q and A.

A one-on-one debate, hosted by the Nevada Broadcasters Association, is scheduled for October 14.

  1. Eddie says:

    What “debate” at Faith Lutheran?

  2. Wendy says:

    More like a “Let’s skewer Sharron” event. Will they place her in stocks for this event? Harry Reid gets time to prepare his answers and doesn’t appear in person? He was too busy with the NYC fundraiser Bloomberg put on for him, and trying to ram his Amnesty for illegals, and gays in the military pandering through the US Senate. So…who will be in charge of the “inquisition?” A worthy professor from Reid Central (better known as UNLV)? Who put the questions together?

  3. Vickie says:

    As far as I know the above info does not qualify as a debate. I hope Sharon was also given the same amount of time to prepare as Harry Reid. Ridiculous!

  4. Dan says:

    Harry is too afraid to face Sharron in person?

    Harry you are a big fat rabbit, scaredy cat, p ussy, who has no balls.

    Harry is the most embarrassing politician in Nevada history.

    How is it possible we have kept him in office all these years?

  5. Wendy says:

    Harry wasn’t there, but his SEIU operatives were! And they had a Sharron Angle IMPERSONATOR in the parking lot! Inside they had rude hecklers who wouldn’t pipe down, so others could hear. Then two women, who had been making the rude comments (even though they had been asked to be quiet) got up to leave, meaning they needed to squeeze by in front of people seated for the “event.” By this time, they had been so obnoxious that those in their seats were not inclined to move so they could pass. So a scuffle ensued.

    Anything to distract from the fact that REID WAS NOT THERE. You won’t see Angle supporters engage in the nasty tactics that Reid’s campaign, and UNIONS are engaging in. We stick to the issues. Believe me, I’ve been shoved around by thugs wearing purple shirts! Somehow, free speech by peaceful, civil protesters (regular Americans), is not to be tolerated.

    Who do these union bullies think they are? This is America! I guess since Harry Reid has nothing in the way of legitimate issues on his side, he and his supporters have spent more than 11 million bucks on false ads, and a smear campaign of Angle. True desperarion. Reid is pathetic and needs to go.

  6. jacobi says:

    Of course Reid won’t be there, he can’t stand the smell of the proletariat

  7. Teri Chu says:

    We the Peoples are thinking in step, marching in step and voting in step by firmly uniting around the respected and beloved Supreme Commander General Obama this yesterday. We the Peoples are accelerating the general march so as to bring about phenomenal progress in the construction of the Obama hope and change into a powerful We Can Progressive Humanist state where everybody will have everything they need everyday, in everyway and not have to worry about anything. In these times of great agitation, we are meaningfully greeting the 2 November elections of victory for the great leader General Commander in Chiefs Obama journey for national liberation and landslide victories for Champions Reid, Titus, Pelosi and the like of his Democratic Party. The respected and beloved Obama instruction to start the revolutionary landslide victory in this glorious new beginning continuing the accomplishments, full of hope, which will be radiantly glorified in the construction of a powerful Progressive Humanist state, all peoples, youths and students of Las Vegas, who greet such a historical day today are full of ardent will to highly uphold forever the great leader Obama eternal sun of, and to consummate the revolutionary cause to the end by following the leadership of the respected and beloved General Commander in Chiefs Obama and his Democratic Party. The students, the peoples are cheering for national liberation where streets are meant for marching feet and public transportation, and not for children killing suvs, for which the great leader, Obama journeyed here in person was a notable path that illuminated a beam for national restoration following the gloomiest period under the colonial rule of republican Bushism. Thank You

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