marijuana calif Largest Union in Calif. Backs Pot Legalization

(AP)  A ballot measure that would legalize marijuana in California won the support Tuesday of the largest union in the state.

The 700,000-member Service Employees International Union California has 15 locals representing workers in health care, building services and state and local government.

The possibility of members operating phone banks, walking precincts and raising money makes the union a political powerhouse in the state and a strong ally for the Proposition 19 campaign.

For more on this AP/CBS News story, go to:;cbsnewsLeadStoriesHeadlines

  1. Will says:

    Oh, wow man. There’s no hope without, auh, dope.

  2. Dan says:

    Another stupid idea from the peoples republic of California. Get the government involved in the pot business. These idiots want the government involved in every single aspect of everybody’s life.

    The government should stay out of the pot business and should stop spending our tax dollars trying to outlaw it. Just get out and leave the people alone.

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