scary Tea Party Candidate O'Donnell Admits Practicing Witchcraft in '90s

Delaware Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate Christine O’Donnell once confessed on TV that she “dabbled” in witchcraft during the 1990s. 

She made the admission to Bill Maher on his ABC television show, “Politically Incorrect,” back in 1999. 

O’Donnell cancelled scheduled appearances on two Sunday morning TV talk shows after Maher played a clip of her witchcraft remarks on Friday. 

She claimed she didn’t cancel because of the controversy, but because she wanted to attend church and then a GOP picnic, where she talked about the issue. 

O’Donnell defeated the mainstream Republican candidate in last Tuesday’s primary election, Congressman Mike Castle.  The Senate seat formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden is up for grabs in the November general election.

O’Donnell makes light of the controversy that’s erupted over her admitted dabbling in withcraft.

  1. The Realist says:

    First, this was years ago and “dabbled” does not mean practiced. It was “curiousity” obviously that was taken out of context for pollitical purposes, which Maher, the “State Media” (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc.), and most of the Democrats running this year (especially Dirty Harry Reid).

    This just tells me that the Dems are afraid that she may get elected.

  2. Jay F says:

    It wasn’t taken “out of context,” I saw the clip…. She admitted to dabbling in witchcraft, but never joining a coven. Then she adds that one of her first dates with another witch was at a satanic alter. Sorry you’ve drunk the kool-aid. No one I know has ever down such things.

    Basically, she could come out as a murdering alien from another planet owing back taxes while secretly performing voo-doo rituals, and you’d be like, “its that mainstream media trying to make her look bad.”

    Please, she looks bad all by herself. If you want a NUT elected to the Senate, just admit it.

    1. Okay... says:

      We have a nut for President now.

      1. Jay F says:

        You don’t like his policies, fine. But he’s not a nut.

        Nut = Christine O’Donnell

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