dwts Momma Grizzly a Distraction?

Her mother may be a fixture on Fox, but Bristol Palin seems more interested in the fox trot!  Will the elder Palin’s attendance help, or hurt the 19-year-old single mom’s chances on DWTS? 

  1. mike15 says:

    I think she’l be just fine. Besides she is a fighter just like her mother. That’s what I like in her mother as a candidate for PRESIDENT.

    1. Jay F says:

      Yea, nevermind the fact that Sarah is a complete nincompoop. Please, she couldn’t even finish out a FULL TERM as the governor of Alaska. All she does is repeat stupid catch phrases and empty slogans – “I’m for less spending” Ok, so what program(s) do you want to cut, and by how much? She never talks specific plans.

      Then she constantly talks this religious nonsense, while her unmarried, teenage daughter is giving birth… Wa Wa What!?!

      Try wrapping your brain around THAT one!

      1. Whatever.. says:

        Like the “right” party people are the only ones to have that happen to a child. Is that the only thing you “lefties” can come up with? The same couple of points over and over again.

  2. Joe says:


    Didn’t you hear…
    It was Bush who made her resign
    As Governor of Alaska!


  3. Jay F says:

    Right wingers set themselves up for criticism when they preach “abstinence before marriage,” and then don’t follow what THEY THEMSELVES tell OTHER PEOPLE to do!

    Face it, she’s good for getting the base of the Republican Party excited, but most Americans realize she is nowhere near qualified to be the President.

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