briggs385 Player: Women Don't Belong in Locker Room

In the wake of the recent controversy surrounding a female reporter in an NFL locker room, Chicago Bear linebacker Lance Briggs maintains women don’t belong there. In a news conference at Bears headquarters, Briggs repeated a statement he made earlier in the week — that a “men’s locker room is for men.” He maintained that women shouldn’t be in a place where grown men are showering, dressing, and walking around naked. Briggs first addressed the subject after reports that Mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz was recently subjected to “frat-boy behavior” and inappropriate comments while in the New York Jets locker room. Sainz, who describes herself as the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico,” later said the entire incident was exaggerated and that it was other media members who made the complaints on her behalf.

  1. Sorry! says:

    I agree with Briggs. I would love to know what her full agenda is.

  2. CHRIS says:

    I couldn’t agree with him more.

  3. Milo says:

    If you can’t ban just women, then ban ALL reporters.
    There is no justification for not having to wait until the showers are over, and this actually IS harassment – to the players.

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