heisman385 No New Vote on '05 Heisman

The 2005 Heisman Trophy forfeited by Reggie Bush will remain vacant. Heisman Trophy Trust president Bill Dockery told ESPN there will be no winner for that year, and that it would be unfair to hold a new vote after nearly five years. There was speculation the Trust might authorize a new vote or give the award to then-Texas quarterback Vince Young, who finished second that year. For his part, Young said this week he doesn’t want the award retroactively anyway.

Bush announced Tuesday he was giving up the Heisman due to allegations of misconduct involving him while he was a running back at the University of Southern California. While with the Trojans, Bush and his family allegedly received improper gifts from sports promoters and agents. The NCAA handed down a judgement against USC earlier this year, ordering the school to vacate all wins from December 2004 through the 2005 season. The Trojans are also bowl-ineligible for this and next season and must give up dozens of scholarships, plus remain on probation through June 2014. Bush was the second-overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft and is now a member of the New Orleans Saints.


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