route11 Is Interstate 11 Any Closer To Reality?

The proposed Can-Mex thoroughfare could come to fruition sooner than y0u think, the stretch between Las Vegas and Phoenix, that is.  Click MORE to hear all about it.

roadclosed Is Interstate 11 Any Closer To Reality?

  1. Dan says:

    It will be the only stretch of the entire Can-Mex super highway that has a stoplight … in Boulder City.

  2. Ron says:

    For what so more American truck drivers can go out of business! My old man lost almost his entire trucking company in part because of Mexican drivers who drive here for American companies who pay them minimal wages which then drive down the freight rates. That sounds like a brilliant idea, instead of having American drivers deliver goods to Canada, Mexican drivers will at a much lower rate and along the way I’m sure they will be courteous enough to drop off a few Illegals also! Gee thanks!!!

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