reid rory 385 Rory Reid Unveils Economic Proposal

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid has unveiled a comprehensive plan he says would rebuild Nevada’s economy, balance the state budget and reinvent government. 

Reid’s “Moving Nevada Forward” plan calls for cutting the number of state agencies and departments by nearly 40-percent, reducing staff for elected officials, extending the temporary furlough and merit pay cuts for state workers, and using more private-public partnerships for road projects.  Reid says his proposals would balance the budget without raising taxes, but Republican rival Brian Sandoval says the plan is based on what he calls “faulty assumptions.”  8 News Now was able to speak with Reid about his decision not to raise taxes.

Recent polls show Sandoval leading Rory Reid by double digits among Nevada voters.  The two candidates are scheduled to discuss education and other issues during a televised debate Sunday night.

  1. Dan says:

    Notice how more and more democrats are campaigning like they are Republicans: cutting spending and taxes, even government programs. Don’t let that fool you. A democrat will say anything to get elected. Once they take office they ALWAYS vote with their fellow big government buddies on the left.

    1. Michele says:

      You are so right, Dan. I challenge any Dem to find, in history, a lib candidate once elected who didn’t vote for more taxes and bigger government. If one is ever found, most likely the Dem party divorced that person.

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