officer activity 385 Road Rage Suspect Dies At Hospital

A Henderson man whom authorities say was a suspect in a road rage incident has died. 

The Clark County Coroner’s office has identified the man as 21-year-old Eduardo Lopez-Hernandez, but says it will take several weeks to determine the cause of death.  The Department of Public Safety says Highway Patrol troopers were called out to an accident on northbound U.S. 95 near Charleston Boulevard Wednesday night, and there were reports of a man fighting with others at the scene.  The DPS says the troopers had a physical altercation with Hernandez-Lopez, who was described as an “irate individual.”  Authorities say the man was shot with a Taser, and soon after was not breathing.  Life-saving measures were performed at the scene, but Lopez-Hernandez later died at Sunrise Hospital.  Metro Police homicide detectives are investigating the case, and they are urging witnesses to come forward with information. His Father Fillabalo Lopez spoke to 8 News Now saying that his son is unlike what the police described.

  1. OMG! says:

    Naturally the father would say that. Do I smell a law suit?

  2. mark says:

    the police here in vegas is scary…to many shootings
    I never had anything to do with police but i am more afraid being stopped from metro than the criminals here in Vegas have a bigger chance to get shoot from the cops here than from criminals ….and then the joke of coroners inquest…..

    1. concerned citizen says:

      feel free to leave.

    2. An American says:

      I think the guy was on drugs and an illegal immigrant. Metro is doing a good job in a very difficult situation. There are more shooting because of the illegal immigrantion. But since you feel better with the criminals, next time you need Metro, just call a crook and see what happens. Hope the criminal is not an illegal immigrant!

    3. Chappy901 says:

      mark, you need to stop your whining. The police are reactionary. If you pull a gun, they shoot you. If you attack or somehow put their safety in jeopardy (non-life threatening), they tazer you or pepper spray or use the baton or just slam your face into the ground when they tackle you. If you have nothing to hide and are not aggressive to them, then they are not aggressive to you. I have gotten my fair share of tickets and there has never been any problem.

      And as for the coroners inquest, if the cops tell their side of the story and the coroner determines, through forensics, that is what happened, you are saying their must be collusion? Maybe the cops and the coroner are telling the truth and the criminal is not telling the trust. I guess your first inclination is to assume the criminal is telling the trust and the people who have sworn to uphold the law and protect you are telling a lie. Seems a little backwards.

      And as “concerned citizen” stated, feel free to leave.

  3. concerned citizen says:

    shouldn’t that be… The police here in Vegas ARE scary. I think these men and women are doing a great job. maybe a more agressive looking department is what we need to stop some of the criminals coming here from other states. I will not judge the actions of person who risks their life daily to protect mine…especially if I was not there to see those actions. the kid was probably on drugs and i believe the coroners report will show that.

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