albert385 Shanahan Meets With Haynesworth

The offseason drama involving Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth continued this week, with head coach Mike Shanahan confirming he “had a conversation” with Haynesworth. Shanahan refused to divulge details of the conversation, which took place following a report in Sunday’s Washington Post that Haynesworth may have a mild case of a condition called rhabdomyolysis, which causes a breakdown of skeletal muscle. Following last Saturday’s 23-3 preseason loss to the Ravens, Haynesworth said he felt the team was underplaying the severity of his medical condition. The two-time Pro Bowl selection added that, as a nine-year veteran, he didn’t think he should have been in the game during the third quarter. He also vowed to skip next year’s team offseason workout program, as he did this year. The Redskins play their first preseason game away from home this weekend against the New York Jets.

  1. Okay... says:

    What is he trying to get out of it by complaining that the team is underplaying the severity of his condition?

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