oscar 385 Mayor Talks Baseball in Vegas

Mayor Oscar Goodman may be a crazy dreamer, but he’s keeping hope alive of landing a major league baseball team for Las Vegas. At his weekly news conference on Thursday, Goodman said he is still in talks to build a new baseball stadium on city-owned land. The facility would be a dome and seat 45,000 fans, but no detailed financing or cost estimate have been released. The mayor added that the city is talking to American League officials to see if any team would be willing to move here if a new stadium is built, since Las Vegas is designated as an American League city. But Goodman cautioned that any potential deal is a long way off, and may not be completed before he leaves office next spring. The city is also in negotiations with a Baltimore-based developer regarding a potential new basketball/hockey arena on city-owned downtown near the site of the planned new City Hall.

  1. You Know Jack says:

    I don’t want a major sports team here. I don’t need higher taxes to build a stadium so that a small elite can make more money. It will not help our city, it will only take more money out of our pockets. People are not going to come here to see a ball game, they come here to party and drink and gamble for 48 to 72 hours and then they leave.

  2. Dan says:

    Now that Goodman has endorsed Harry Reid I will never support anything he wants, even if I used to.

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