obama address 3851 U.S. Mexican Border Bill To Be Signed

President Obama is signing a bill today to put more agents and equipment along the Mexican border, but is this just a political move?

KXNT Morning News spoke to CBS Correspondent Mark Knoller at the White House to get more information.

  1. Eddie... says:

    Shouldn’t be surprised at this bandage. Criminal!

  2. Joel says:

    Arizonians realized that only they could protect their state and borders and other states are starting to follow. States need to take steps to protect their citizens from the one world minded politicians and others, These people are giving away this great country to the rest of the world which does not want to improve itself at the dilution of the ruling class. The United States immigrants build this great country off of the idea that hard work and good morals and ethics are the key to success and today we are the beneficiaries of all of this, yet we now want to ignore the past and seek instantaneous satisfaction today. The Hippy Days are hear again people, wake up!

    1. Eddie... says:

      Awesome Joel!

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