sandoval and reid Sandoval And Reid Agree To Debate
 You can hear the Gubernatorial debate between Brian Sandoval and Rory Reid at 6pm this Sunday on 840 AM News Radio KXNT, The News Leader in Las Vegas. The debate comes to us from the host and producer KLAS TV 8 News Now.
Education will be the focus of the debate. Both Sandoval and Reid have presented plans to improve Nevada’smag glass 10x10 Sandoval And Reid Agree To Debate education system without raising taxes, but the two men differ on how student performance can be improved.

Despite facing a possible budget short fall of up to $3 billion next year, Nevada Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval says he won’t support raising taxes if he’s elected. Sandoval spoke Saturday at the opening of the Republican Reno Victory office, which will coordinate GOP campaigns in Washoe County and rural Nevada. About 200 people attended the event, including GOP lawmakers and candidates.Sandoval says the state should reduce spending to cover the projected shortfall. The estimated $3 billion deficit is roughly one half the state’s general fund. Democratic challenger Rory Reid has also said he would not support news taxes if he is elected. Both candidates say they’ll unveil plans for bridging the deficit before the Nov. 2 election.

  1. Dan says:

    Rory Reid is a democrat and therefore a liar. All democrat politicians are liars because if they told us their real goals, that is to turn us into a welfare state, they know we would not only not vote for them but we would tar and feather them. Democrats have destroyed this country and you can NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT!


  2. David Curtis says:

    The organizers of the event are excluding 5 of the 7 candidates from participating. They set a candidate criteria of $50,000 in campaign receipts and 10% support in the polls.
    No poll even bothers to name candidates other than Reid/Sandoval so the criteria is impossible to meet by humans other than Reid/Sandoval.
    This kind of partisan exclusion doesn’t help maintain the illusion of democracy.

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