illegal immigrants at fence AZ Immigration Ruling Deals Blow to other States

(CBS/ AP)  States that had been watching Arizona’s immigration law in hopes of copying it received a rude awakening when a judge put most of the measure on hold and agreed with the Obama administration’s core argument that immigration enforcement is the role of the federal government.

The ruling marked a repudiation of the Arizona law as U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton indicated that the government has a good chance at succeeding in its argument that federal immigration law trumps state law. It was an important first-round victory for the government in a fight that may not be settled until the U.S. Supreme Court weighs in.

But opponents of the law said the ruling sends a strong message to other states hoping to replicate the law. “Surely it’s going to make states pause and consider how they’re drafting legislation and how it fits in a constitutional framework,” Dennis Burke, the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, told The Associated Press. “The proponents of this went into court saying there was no question that this was constitutional, and now you have a federal judge who’s said ‘hold on, there’s major issues with this bill.”‘ 
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Do you believe other states should proceed with efforts to effectively deal with illegal immigrants or should states wait until this issue is decided by the Supreme Court?  It might take a long time to get this before the Supreme Court, what should states do in the meantime?  Let me know what you think.


  1. En Lang says:

    I live in an area of N. Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the last 3 year’s my neighbor hood has turned into little Mexico and
    along with people who I know are here illegally, the crime
    has also come into my own yard. My husband’s work van
    has been tagged twice with gang signs and the F-word in
    spray paint. Thing’s have been stollen out of our truck and
    our gate has been unlatched with the hook set down on a
    near by bench. We latch our gate every night for safety reasons. Noise from fast car’s and loud music often shake
    our home and we have had 5 car wreck’s in front of our
    house. Passing is sometimes 3 car’s traveling back to back and pushing another car and then leaving the wreck is also being done here on our street. No city ordenences are observed! People walk the street at all hour’s or the night. Mexican music is also played very loud from homes.
    These are thing’s the local police should come check out
    when asked by a local American tax payer. But, no no!
    We were told by a local police office that he feel’s bad
    for illegal’s that has children’s car seat’s in his car when
    stopping him – the officer say’s the man is caring for his
    family – never mind if he is here illegally or taking job’s,
    diving to fast or has no papers saying he is here in this
    country legally!! Oh yeah – there sure are alot of new taco shops, food stores and so many other places being opened
    by hispanic’s. I have lived in this area for over 30 year’s,
    and there have not been this many here, until over the
    last 2 year’s! Question?? Who or Where are they getting
    the money, loan or funding from or do the just have enough saved up cash because so very many do not pay taxes like
    I have to. Oh and I have learned to enjoy chicken’s in my
    yard and goat’s crying for food in an area not zoned for farm animal’s and let’s not forget the horses. My own dog’s and
    pet rabbit’s do not leave my yard except to go to the vet clinic.

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