gavel1 Judge Hears Arguments on Arizona Immigration Law

PHOENIX (AP) – A federal judge will hear arguments Thursday from lawyers for the governor, the federal government and civil rights groups over whether Arizona’s new immigration law should take effect in a week.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton will consider a request by the U.S. Justice Department to block enforcement of the law. She also will hear arguments in a challenge by civil rights groups over whether the law should be put on hold and whether that lawsuit should be thrown out of court.

The judge has said she wasn’t making any promises on whether she would make those rulings before the law takes effect on July 29.

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  1. Rick Emerson says:

    It’s so obvious what the ruling should be. If the Feds. only did their job in regards to this issue, Arizona would never had to write such a law. A law that mirrors the federal law. I have little confidence in the judicial system in this issue, I’m worried that this law will be revoked. I have NO confidence in the feds. doing the right thing no matter what the ruling.

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