race Race issues beset Obama's "post racial" presidency

(Reuters) – Many supporters of Barack Obama hoped his election as America’s first black president might herald an era of post-racial politics, but race has been an issue his administration just can’t seem to avoid.

Division and tension between black and white Americans has cropped up repeatedly over Obama’s 18 months in office, hurting his popularity and distracting from his political agenda.

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  1. concerned citizen says:

    It is unfortunate that the race card seems to be played every time the Obama administration forces another drastic govenment-expanding bill down the throat of the american people. What I don’t get is how my disagreeing with his socialist political agenda makes me a racist. I enjoy working hard and providing for my family and grew up in a house that tought me that if I worked hard and did my best at everything I tried I would go far, regardless of where my LEGAL immigrant parents came from… It worked. The ironic part is that wellfare seems to be the modern day slavery; it provides just enough to get by, but does not promote any need to be self supporting or to get off of the wellfare system. I just wonder what everyone will do if the government does spend itself into bankruptcy and there is no more check?

  2. Dan says:

    Any fool who voted for Oblahblah because they thought it would prove they are not racist is … a fool, and a tool.

    The left will stop at nothing to discredit anyone who opposes their big government takeover. They are proven liars. They cannot tell the truth. Racism is a convenient tool for shutting up the opposition. Like the Boy who Cried Wolf, people have heard the false allegation so many times they are no longer buying it.

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