titusheck Neck and Neck for Titus and Heck!

A new Las Vegas Review-Journal/KLAS-TV poll shows an even tighter race now for Nevada’s Third Congressional District seat than ever.  Listen to the report to find out how hot things really are!

Find out the exact percentages, including how many people choose “none of the above,” by clicking MORE.

Congresswoman Dina Titus       42%

State Senator Dr. Joe Heck       40%

Undecided                                 9%

None of the Above                      9%

  1. Donald Kainz says:

    All Titus and the Libs have done is to create a government debt bubble that is due to crash within the next two years that will put the USA in to an instant depression. I cannot believe that these people are that idiotic not to see what they are creating. Titus and the Libs are a cancer to our society with their extremist socialism.

  2. Dan says:

    How is it possible that “Tax and Spend Titus” is even still in this race?

    Dina Titus has pushed the Pelosi/Reid agenda for all she is worth.

    All she has done for Nevada is help turn it into a welfare state.

    Dina” Big Government” Titus must be defeated. She is a Nancy Pelosi clone with a Texas accent.

    Joe Heck is a solid conservative who will vote to reverse this disastrous Obama agenda. We must put Joe Heck in and take Dina Taxes-Titus out!

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