georgesteinbrenner 385 Yankees Owner Steinbrenner Dies

A New York Legend has died.

George Steinbrenner, the principal owner of the New York Yankees, has passed away.  Steinbrenner suffered a massive heart attack at his home in Tampa and died after being rushed to a local hospital.  He was 80.  “The Boss” hasn’t been seen much in public over the past few years, causing speculation about his health. 

Steinbrenner was born on the Fourth of July in 1930 in Rocky River, Ohio.  He was already a successful shipping magnate when he led a group of businessmen in the purchase of the Yankees in 1973.  Under his ownership, the Yankees made eleven appearances in the World Series, winning seven titles. 

As an owner, Steinbrenner was known for his big spending and his quick trigger when dealing with players and managers.  He hired and fired former Yankee second baseman Billy Martin five separate times alone.  He also was banned from baseball for part of the 90’s after he paid a small-time gambler to try to find dirt on former Yankees outfielder Dave Winfield.  However, Steinbrenner was also known for his community work, which led two local councils to re-name the Yankees training facility in Tampa after him in 2008.

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    I am very sorry for George Steinbrenner passing away so sudden and so soon. He was a very remarkable person. He has done so much for the New York Area. He was a champion of truth. He will be dearly missed by America and the entire world. I am expressing my condolescenses. The New York Yankee Organization will miss a very fine person.

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